Fireside Tales

Session 1

Kythorn 3 - 4

Kythorn 3
    With it coming up to the summer solstice on Kythorn 20, the Spriteback guild in Wellspring were holding their annual guild recruitment event, and our adventurers, Glim (Grim), Baroo and Finn were headed to the guild. Whilst Grim dealt with strange fey occurences in the morning from a Boggle (and got rather sticky in the process wink) , Finn met a fellow applicant, Akelic, a young wizard and apprentice to Archmage Bequilac, who was headed from Kara's Vale along the road just north of the Brambleback.
    During the pleasantries, however, they were ambushed by a fierce (yet wounded) creature with a curved, sickle-like blade, a short stature and odd red cap. Though Finn managed to encase it in ice and smash it to pieces, Akelic was left heavily wounded with a massive gash through his back. Following the carnage, Baroo ended up meeting up with the pair, promptly realising that magical ice is very tasty, and stuffing the smashed, icy blocks of creature into his bag. The three plowed on towards Wellspring, finally arriving in the city an hour or two later.
    Meanwhile, Grim left Gutter (a stupid urchin) incharge of his gang, the ravens {Forest, Desert, Sea, Gutter, River, Grim} , and headed towards the guild himself, arriving 'fashionably' late. The others arriving just before – Baroo having charmed the (now confused) guard at the gate of the Wellspring (John) and carried Akelic much akin to a compass (whilst Akelic pointed in the direction to travel). As the festivities got underway, Baroo exchanged heated glances with an odd man with 'swishy' black hair and pointed facial features – this man was the advisor to Guildmaster Mercer himself, but he seemed rather stuck up.
    The first round of the festivities was a combat tournament. Akelic beat Grim; Baroo beat Beshenor, an acolyte of Eldath; Finn beat an unknown ranger and a Beserker won his fight against another cloaked opponent. Akelic was promptly knocked unconscious by Baroo and Finn lost to the Beserker. Baroo beat the beserker to a pulp and took the winner's spot. 
    With the first round over, Dalton Trevithick – Grim's former mentor (whom he presumed dead) – asked Baroo to recommend to Mercer that Grim went through to the second round. Baroo obliged. 
    The second round was to retrieve a smooth stone with the Spriteback logo engraved on it from the Brambleback. As the adventurers dashed off in one cohort (Akelic, Baroo and Finn), Grim lugged behind and became distracted by the appearance of the boggle that had rudely awakened him that morning. The group sprinted into the Brambleback - with Baroo carrying Finn and Akelic running behind – and the group split up. Baroo followed the path, Akelic ran off to the left and Finn to the right. 
    Travelling further into the forest, Finn stumbled across a glade, and a tree with an odd, small creature with a tiny bow in it. Approaching the tree, Finn was shot by a small arrow and fell unconscious. After a few minutes, Akelic, Baroo and Grim convened in a glade, far into the forest where they saw a stump and a pool. Glancing around, a small figure (similar to that that Finn saw, but unbeknownst to the rest of the group) hid behind the stump. The group headed over to the pool, at the bottom of which lay the stone they sought.
    As grim reached in to the pool, however, his hand couldn't penetrate the water's surface. Instructing Baroo to hit the water with his sword. Baroo did so, causing the water to splash up – all over Grim whist Akelic watched on, stunned. Baroo dove in to the pool and retrieved the stone while Grim perfected his newfound water walking skills. As they turned around, the trio noticed the bodies of Finn and the barbarian from the first round. With the lack of strength to carry both, Baroo picked up the limp and lifeless body of Finn and started to run back to Wellspring.
    As the group ran back down the main path, Finn regained consciousness and cohorts of the small creatures flanked the group, flying on either side. Taking shots at Baroo and Grim, they missed, with Grim retaliating, cutting one of the creatures in half with a thrown dagger. They all reached the city (and the guild) safely, and headed back to the guildmaster with their plunder. He congratulated them, granting them entry to the guild.
    The quartermaster Valeera introduced everyone to the job board, and Alia, the barmaid, got the group some complimentary drinks. As a group they made the acquaintance of the young ice mage, Amira; the dragonborn druid, Gath and a few other members of the guild. Following this, Grim revealed that he was unable to enter the pool in the glade, which it turned out could sense the heart of those that try to enter. Grim was taken outside by the guildmaster, and they promptly reentered, with Mercer cheering for a free round for all. They agreed that in the morning, they would clear out the incursion of goblins across the main road from the Wellspring barrows, southwest of the city – for the princely sum of 200G.
Kythorn 4th
The group promptly headed out in the late morning, heading first to the apothecary, Jerome (who asked them to drug Amira with a love potion), then out of the south gate and southwest down the main road towards the goblin camp, which they found, nestled into the outskirts of the Brambleback. Grim snuck through the forest to ambush the camp, whilst Baroo and Finn walked along the road in the guise of travellers. The goblins attacked, and though the chief and the goblins fell quickly, the party fell foul of a devious nilbog wielding none less than a wand of wonder, which wreaked havoc and almost killed Finn with a fireball (knocking him unconscious). With the death of the nilbog, however, the darkness it caused faded, and the group was able to revive Finn before any serious harm was done.
    They took a short rest and  whilst investigating, found a trapdoor in the nearby ruins, though it was covered with rubble. Pushing through (and down) they climbed down an old ladder, snapping under their weight, into a dark and very dusty corridor. Investigating, they found a pair of metal doors with no handles, a chest and a bedroom with a desk. Heading to one of the doors, Grim used a knock scroll to open the door, which swung open to reveal a strange man with an ornate butterfly-esque masquerade mask and black hair. He summoned a giant spider to fight and the party fought hard, with the warlock eventually disappearing in a puff of smoke.
    As the party headed back to the ladder, rubble was poured down on them by the warlock, and they were forced to find another route out. 
    Heading back to the blockage they previously found, they proceeded to mine it, heading through to a further corridor filled with dust. To the left and right were thick metal bars that the party struggled to (and failed) to move. The room opening up ahead had an altar at the far side – littered with a pile of dead sprites, which when touched, crumbled to dust. Footsteps were heard overhead and as Grim inspected the walls of the chamber, his hand passed through, was grabbed and he was subsequently pulled through. 
    A fight ensued and as each darkling burst into unnaturally bright light, each subsequent one suffered, and soon the party was able to vanquish the group. Amira came to the rescue (having watched the party's progress, as per guild policy), but couldn't help much. Playing around with the wand of wonder, Amira saw its' power and bought it from Grim for 100G, somewhat at Baroo's behest.
    The group headed back to the guild, where Mercer was scared to hear of their findings, and headed down to his workshop to investigate further. The rest of the group tried to use Jerome's potion on Amira, but she realised and showed Alia who asked Valeera to drug Jerome with the potion instead, which she did. The party got extremely drunk and placed Grim on the table infront of Fabien, the guildmaster's advisor, who seemed extremely displeased and walked off. The party headed to bed, ready for the next day of adventuring.



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